My new scrubs uniform at work

I have been working for this health care facility for 13 months. Time flies indeed when you are having fun. Though being a housekeeper sometimes is hard but the best part is when am making the residents smile or laugh when we talk while am cleaning their rooms. Though sometimes I work more than being a housekeeper.

 photo pink scrub_zpsaj373jwi.jpg
Anyway, we have rules at work that you can buy new uniforms for every six months. The company will reimbursed your uniform for $50 while you give them the receipt. You have a choice of adding the amount to your recent pay check or whenever you want.

 photo pink scrub A_zpsbr9oe1zg.jpg
These scrubs are my 4th sets. Every Friday is casual day. You can wear anything you want while you look decent. I bought two sets, gray and pink colors. I just wish that I fit it first before buying them. I am normally wear a size M but these sets are kinda big. Next time I need to wear them first to the fitting room before buying.

I wear my pink scrub last Friday. I was mad at work as I am assigned to the other wing which I do not like because I know the housekeeper that assigned in that wing is a slob. All she does is walking around and take so much break instead of cleaning. The wing is so stinky and dirty too. Anyway, in about five and half hours, I cleaned the entire room with just one 15 minutes break. I went home so tired, my left shoulder hurts and my left calves. I am still happy knowing that I meet new residents and made them smile and entertained.

My pink scrub is perfect for Pink Friday.

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4 thoughts on “My new scrubs uniform at work

  1. You can also hold the shoulder ends and see if it reaches your shoulder bones. That would be the right width, and basically the scrub will fit. 🙂

  2. You have a lovely pink scrub! I bet you enjoyed wearing them on a Friday! Hehehehe…

    Thank you for joining this week, Mommy. Thank you also for sharing how your working day was. I am sure the new residents were happy that they now have a clean place to stay.

    See you again next week! 🙂

  3. I miss you,Mommy Jess!! It’s so good to be able to visit your blog again. Love that color on you!
    Dropping by for Pink Fridays..

  4. Ay ang saya ng pink scrubs mo sis! It’s a happy color! Kaya naman pala you are always praised at work for being such a happy soul because you choose happy colors to wear to work. 😀

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