My husband is addicted to Halls cough drops candy

Either he works or goes somewhere; he has to bring Halls cough drops candy with him. He only eats the sugar-free candies. These candies are great for sore throat. It is great for your breathe as well. I usually grab few candies if I go somewhere too. My husband said that he is addicted to this candy.

Halls cough drop candy
Sometimes I wonder if chewing this candy gives him cavities. He usually has cavities every time when he had his dentist appointment. The candies are really soothing to chew too. It comes with different flavor. I usually buy each flavor if I remember it while shopping at Wal-Mart. They are affordable as well. Sometimes I buy the big bag of this candy.

How about you? Do you like to chew candies? What is your favorite candy to chew?

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6 thoughts on “My husband is addicted to Halls cough drops candy

  1. Good thing that it is sugar-free sis. Less risk for your hubby to catch diabetes. Hehehe

    Hubby loves eating candies too but preferred those are super sweet for his hyperglycemia.

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