How to be smart in purchasing a car?

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You already know that it is good to be smart in purchasing a car. Being smart means you can save more, right!. There are many ways that you can do before buying your own car, and one way is for you to plan for it. What else can you do? Okay, you got to search for some reviews and check if the car that you love is worth your money. Learning about the car’s specifications is awesome so that you will have an overview of what you are going to buy before going to an auto dealership.

For you to know all of these, do check as this site is a one-stop website that talks about cars of any brands. In this website, you can easily read reviews, watch videos, and compare one car to another car. You can check for car’s trims, read about its safety, and warranty. You can also check for similar models of the cars that you like. In that way, it will be easy for you to make some comparisons. In this website, you can also compare the auto dealership near your area. By this, you can save a lot of your time. And there are more things that offers. You will know it upon visit this site right now or whenever you like.

No co-pay for the little girl’s Epipen

The little girl’s epipen will expire the next month. She needs a new one to keep at the nurse station in school. The nurse already told last year about her epipen that need to get a new one. The nurse even left a message about her epipen yesterday.

no co-pay for the little girl's Epipen

I already have her epipen prescription from her allergists. I just need to bring the prescription to our neighborhood pharmacy. The allergists’ offices also give us a card that will save us from paying the co-pay when we buy her epipen. I dropped her prescription today and her big brother. I just need to pick up after two hours.

I picked it up when my little girl is home from school. The co-pay should be $30 for the two medicines for my kids. Since I have this new card, it saves $15 for the co-pay. This card is great for two epipen for my little girl prescription. I used one today so she has two available.

You probably wonder what is epipen, right? It is a like a pen that has a medicine to keep my little girl safe if she eats peanut and has severe reaction. I hope that I will not use this epipen. There are two epipen in the box. It also comes with a tester. I already know how to use the tester. Keeping this little girl from any peanut or nuts is very important.

Milk and peanut still a big no to my little K’s diet

Today I drove to my little K’s allergists annual appointment. It is a yearly check-up just like her regular pediatrician. She also needs to see her allergists doctor and ask an order from her doctor to send to the nurse. I also need a prescription for her Epipen that she will need in November. The Epipen she has in the nurse station will expire in November. It is a 25 minutes drive from where we live. Yes! It is far because her allergists office moved to another and far place.

milk and peanut still a no to the little K's diet

I expected that she is still allergic to milk and peanut before going to her allergists. She eats pizza and sometimes she breaks out and sometimes she doesn’t. She is still allergic to cheese. Their might be a different kind of cheese that is mix in the pizza that triggers her allergy.

The allergists did not give her a milk or peanut challenge because of my reports. Definitely she will have her food challenge (milk and peanut) in a year or two. The big brother will drink this milk that has the strawberry in it. I will eat the peanut but will keep the peanut away from her. I know that she will not eat it as she knows that it has the peanut. I still want to keep her safety.

Yes! Taking care of my little girl is a bit challenging. We will always stay her safety from all her allergists. I hope and pray that she will outgrow them. When? I do not know only in God’s way.

I am linking this entry to the 22nd day of August blog photo challenge.

Bought a sun block lotion for buy one take one

I was very happy that this sun block lotion is on sale on our neighborhood pharmacy. It is buy one take one. I really like this sun block lotion.

 photo bananaboatsunblocklotion.jpg
The name of the brand is banana boat. It has SPF 50 which is the best sun protection. I love that it is not greasy. It penetrates to your skin in few minutes for faster protection. I apply this sun block lotion to my kids several times a day especially that they swim in the pool a lot. I keep one near the pool. I also keep one on the garage. I put it on the table. My kids love to play in the driveway. It is very easy to apply sun block lotion before and after they play. How I wish that I buy more of this sun block lotion. I will check if it is on sale this week.

How about you? What kind of sun block lotion do you apply on your skin? I will link this entry to #142 of 365 blog photo challenge.


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