Keeping fit and healthy is easy with Groupon

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Summer is over for two months. I hope you did not gain any weight from eating those delicious summer foods like the meat on the grill.  They are easy to cook but so unhealthy. I loved the fresh fruits the most. My family was so active as well. We spent our time outside especially swimming in our pool. My kids were so tan during the summer.

 photo fitbit_zpsfwhibyd1.jpg
Sometimes my husband and I were both working during the days. We have to make sure that the kids have healthy food ready in the fridge once they get hungry. Luckily my kids were fit during the summer days.

I missed working out since I have worked. I missed my hula hoop the most but walking is my best work out especially during work. I lost count how many steps I made. One thing I wish is to have this watch that I found in Groupon Goods. It will help you track anything from heart rate the most.

Have you have a weight goal this year? I know it is not too late to start, right? Why not search the site for any fitness accessories and saves you money. You can also check their Facebook or Twitter for more social activities.

Yoplait Greek yogurt taste better than the other brand

I am not a yogurt fan. I still eat them once in a while. Yogurt is the best and healthy food to eat for snacks or part of your meal.

 photo Greekyogurt_zpsc9a74427.jpg

I received a Klout perk to redeem and challenge a taste off. It is about whom is the best taste yogurt Greek. I bought brands like Yoplait and Chobani. They are both Greek yogurt, 100% calories and both in blueberry flavor.

 photo GreekyogurtA_zps86bedf27.jpg
 photo YoplaitGreekyogurt_zps44d30526.jpg
 photo ChobaniGreekyogurt_zpsf755241e.jpg
I tasted them both. I admit that the Yoplait Greek yogurt taste better than the Chobani yogurt. Yoplait is sweeter and Chobani is a sour. I think it really depends on your taste. In my own honest opinion, Yoplait Greek yogurt won the taste off challenge for me. You can learn more about their products in Facebook,Twitter , Pinterest and You Tube.

 photo GreekYogurtB_zpsa78440a5.jpg

How about you? Do you like to eat Greek yogurt? What is your favorite flavor?

I received a card to use to buy the Greek yogurt. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts an opinions are 100% mine. It might be different from

21 days food challenge

It has been ten days today since I joined the 21 days food challenge. I am guilty because I cheated on the fast food yesterday. I ate the burger from McDonald’s. I failed big time. I am sick of my stomach. I was a failure. I am not proud of myself.

Here are the options of foods or drinks that you can challenge yourself. You can pick not to eat or drink
Soda,Diet soda
White bread, pasta, or rice
Cookies, pastries, cakes, muffins
Fast food

These are the foods or drinks that I challenge myself not to eat or drink. I pick no chips, soda, breads, cookies and fast food for me. It is hard to challenge yourself when you can see everything in your kitchen except the fast food. I admit I feel real great inside. I am really craving for those foods and drink.

How about you? Have you joined any food challenge?

What is your biggest asset?

Every human being is different and especial in their own way. Some women have a big breast. Some women have a flat stomach. Some women have beautiful long hair. Some women have long legs. Some women have a flawless skin. Some women are just simply stunning without wearing make up or cosmetics at all. Some women are very smart.

my behind I think is my biggest asset

I wish I have a flat stomach. It is very hard for me to achieve that. I am not determine not like other women. I love to eat as well. I think my biggest asset is my behind. My husband says that I have a big behind. He thinks because from staying too much in the computer. I do not know if I believe him. I have to smack him. I like to lie on my stomach all the time especially when I am writing an article. I always lay on the carpet in front of the fireplace.

I think what makes women beautiful is, their confidence. It does not matter if you do not have those lists that I mentioned. I am sure that we are all beautiful and unique in our own way and that will make us shine us person.

My husband is addicted to Halls cough drops candy

Either he works or goes somewhere; he has to bring Halls cough drops candy with him. He only eats the sugar-free candies. These candies are great for sore throat. It is great for your breathe as well. I usually grab few candies if I go somewhere too. My husband said that he is addicted to this candy.

Halls cough drop candy
Sometimes I wonder if chewing this candy gives him cavities. He usually has cavities every time when he had his dentist appointment. The candies are really soothing to chew too. It comes with different flavor. I usually buy each flavor if I remember it while shopping at Wal-Mart. They are affordable as well. Sometimes I buy the big bag of this candy.

How about you? Do you like to chew candies? What is your favorite candy to chew?

I cooked meatless noodles for the first time

I was preparing dinner for Christmas night. We had ham, steam green beans, scalloped potatoes, rice and salad. I also want to cook noodles to wish me longer life on my birthday. My husband’s eldest daughter and his grand-daughter are here for their Winter breaks. They are from Florida. My husband’s daughter is a vegan. I felt badly that she cannot eat our regular meals. My family cannot eat without meat especially during dinner time.

meatless noodles

Instead of adding meat into my noodles, I escape it and cook it meatless noodles for my husband’s daughter to join us for dinner. It is my first time to cook meatless noodles too. I have frozen vegetables as well. The husband’s daughter preferred fresh vegetables. I am glad that I have carrots, cabbage and celery. I just add two chicken cubes, soy sauce and fried it with onions and garlic. Surprisingly, it turned out delicious. I am glad that the husband’s daughter liked it. She ate it with rice and steam green beans.

I plan to post this in my food journal. Unfortunately, it is down with the rest of my journals. I hope that you do not mind posting here instead. By the way, I took this picture from my instagram as I forget to take a picture of it with my regular camera.

How about you? Do you have a vegan in your family? How do you deal with preparing food?

Milk and peanut still a big no to my little K’s diet

Today I drove to my little K’s allergists annual appointment. It is a yearly check-up just like her regular pediatrician. She also needs to see her allergists doctor and ask an order from her doctor to send to the nurse. I also need a prescription for her Epipen that she will need in November. The Epipen she has in the nurse station will expire in November. It is a 25 minutes drive from where we live. Yes! It is far because her allergists office moved to another and far place.

milk and peanut still a no to the little K's diet

I expected that she is still allergic to milk and peanut before going to her allergists. She eats pizza and sometimes she breaks out and sometimes she doesn’t. She is still allergic to cheese. Their might be a different kind of cheese that is mix in the pizza that triggers her allergy.

The allergists did not give her a milk or peanut challenge because of my reports. Definitely she will have her food challenge (milk and peanut) in a year or two. The big brother will drink this milk that has the strawberry in it. I will eat the peanut but will keep the peanut away from her. I know that she will not eat it as she knows that it has the peanut. I still want to keep her safety.

Yes! Taking care of my little girl is a bit challenging. We will always stay her safety from all her allergists. I hope and pray that she will outgrow them. When? I do not know only in God’s way.

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Banana and strawberry smoothies with a glass straw

We are going to a trip to my in-laws camp down at the Southern Tier and that we need to make sure that there are no rotten fruits left inside the refrigerator. I do have a pack of strawberry in the garage refrigerator. I also have bananas in the counter. The fruits are about to rot. I do not want them to throw in the garbage and waste it.

banana strawberry smoothie with a glass straw

I decided to make smoothies combine the two fruits. I also add ice cubes and milk to give a flavor. It turns out delicious. I also use my glass straw with my smoothies. I can sip it perfectly with the glass straw. I made three glasses of smoothies. I sip my glass. The husband sips half of his glass. There is only one glass left for my son to try. The little K sips it a bit. She is allergic to milk. I am glad that she did not break out.

How about you? Do you like to drink smoothies too? Do you have a favorite smoothie? Smoothies are a healthy drink to have with all the vitamins you get from the fruits.

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A healthy choice of bacon

When my husband’s eldest daughter plans to have a vacation here in our house, he asks her what kind of food for breakfast they like to eat. She said that she likes to eat fruits, cereal and bacon for breakfast. She said that they only eat turkey bacon. My family likes to eat the regular bacon. I do not know how this turkey bacon will taste for my kids.

turkey bacon

We bought the turkey bacon and have it for their breakfast. I ask her how she cooks the turkey bacon. I used to fry our bacon. She said that they do not fry their bacon. All you do is put a paper towel on top of the bacon and cover it. Put in the microwave and cook it for at least three minutes. The bacon is delicious when it is crispy. I tried to cook our bacon that way. I am surprise that we like it. Since then the kids and I eat turkey bacon for breakfast.

It is less fatty compared to the regular bacon. I think it is healthier too than the regular bacon. How about you? Do you like to eat bacon for breakfast? How do you cook your bacon?

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Honey roasted peanuts from Southwest airlines

I was looking for snacks to munch yesterday when I found this blue package. It is a honey roasted peanuts from Southwest airlines. This is the snack I bet that my husband’s eldest daughter left in our pantry accidentally. I do not know if she remembers that her younger sister is allergic to peanuts.

honey roasted peanuts

I open the package and it all the peanuts. They are very delicious. I have to eat t right away before my little K will found it in the pantry. She might open the package and it eat. She knows that she is allergic to peanut. I am sure that she can read and see the peanuts on the package and will not eat it. I have to eat right away for her safety. She has the worst reaction to peanuts and it is very dangerous for her health. It is very deadly and that is why I hide all the candies that has peanuts that she received from all the treats during the school activities.

I am linking this entry to the 2nd day of July’s blog photo challenge. I want to say thank you to Mommy R for hosting this month’s photo challenge. I hope to join and am sure I am late but will catch up.

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