Keeping fit and healthy is easy with Groupon

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Summer is over for two months. I hope you did not gain any weight from eating those delicious summer foods like the meat on the grill.  They are easy to cook but so unhealthy. I loved the fresh fruits the most. My family was so active as well. We spent our time outside especially swimming in our pool. My kids were so tan during the summer.

 photo fitbit_zpsfwhibyd1.jpg
Sometimes my husband and I were both working during the days. We have to make sure that the kids have healthy food ready in the fridge once they get hungry. Luckily my kids were fit during the summer days.

I missed working out since I have worked. I missed my hula hoop the most but walking is my best work out especially during work. I lost count how many steps I made. One thing I wish is to have this watch that I found in Groupon Goods. It will help you track anything from heart rate the most.

Have you have a weight goal this year? I know it is not too late to start, right? Why not search the site for any fitness accessories and saves you money. You can also check their Facebook or Twitter for more social activities.

Aurorae Aqua Microfiber is the softest pool/beach towel you wrap around your body

Hubby just cleaned our pool. My son and his friend swim after hubby cleaned the pool for a while. I waited after they are done swimming. The pool temperature is 75 degrees. I put my swim wear on. The sun is hiding from me. I put my feet up to the second steps and yikes! the water is freezing. I am spoiled with the 80 degrees.

 photo aurorae yoga towel_zps6v5rnbud.jpg

I decided not to swim but play my feet in the water. I also grab my Fiji Sunset towel from Aurorae Yoga. I so loved this color. It is the prettiest color of purple. The towel feels so soft. I love that the towel is 32”x68″in size. It is extra-large. It is big that I can also wrap my summer babe with me in the towel. You can also use the towel as a blanket. Definitely I am bringing this towel with me to New York City next week. It is easy to roll and does not occupy big space in my luggage. You can even carry it with you everywhere from camping, pool, beach or in the drive-in to keep you warm. By the way, you can buy this Fiji Sunset towel from Amazon. It is also available in so many pretty colors.

 photo aurorae yoga towel A_zpsavdmumvq.jpg

I LOVED Aurorae Yoga products. I even use their top when I work out. It feels so soft and at the same time so sexy. I also used to wipe my sweat from the towel that also I own from their company. I used to work out at least 5 days a week until recently I hurt my right arm. I admit I missed working out . It feels good afterwards. I also have their candle that I used especially when I cook. It makes the kitchen smells good.

 photo aurorae yoga towel B_zpswbyuhsnd.jpg

Do you know that Aurorae Yoga sells the best stuff you need on how to stay healthy and fit? Why not check out their Website. I am sure you can find he best products in the market. You can also check out Aurorae Yoga in their Facebook, follow them in Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest Instagram and You Tube for updates and new products.

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I received the towel for free. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine.

Tips to Help You Stick to an Exercise Regimen in Montreal

Chances are you can find quite a few reasons to not follow an exercise plan in Montreal; however, do you have any motivation to keep at it and finally lose weight? If you are dedicated to perte de poids Montreal, then the tips here to help you find motivation to stick to an exercise routine can be invaluable.

 photo girl-and-crew-running_zpsjxxte0q9.jpg
Do it for You

There are a number of studies that have shown that individuals who are considered to be externally motivated, which means going to the gym to look good for a certain event, usually don’t stick with the efforts. This means they don’t exercise because they love it. It is time to find some internal motivation and exercise for yourself – because you want to feel happier and be healthier.

Take Small Steps

Chances are you wouldn’t try to run 10 miles in one day, right? If you try to too much in terms of exercise too soon, then chances are you will wind up discouraged, injured and sore. It is important to take it slow and be consistent. Even running just a quarter mile the first week is an accomplishment, since you will be able to grow and add more distance each week.

Keep with It

There is no one that is going to have perfect form on the first day they strength train. Any new workout will take practice. If you keep trying and keep at it, you will eventually get the hang of it and be able to do the workout with no issues.

Keep things Fresh

It is important to try different types of workouts to keep things interesting and to exercise your various muscle groups. If you usually use the elliptical machine, then try the treadmill or stair climber. You need to switch up your routine in order to get all the benefits that this offers. While it may take some time to get the hang of everything, it will pay off because you will be hitting different muscle groups.

Get a Workout Buddy

It can be tempting to sit out one, or two – or all – of your workouts; however, if you have a workout buddy you will be much less likely to do that. When you have someone else motivating you it will be easier to stick to daily workouts.

Bio Fitness offers a wide array of workout tips and techniques that can help you achieve your fitness goals. If you are ready to make a change, visit this site and finally get the body you want.

Fefit your best work out right from your home

I had my annual check-up from obgyn today. I know that I gained weight. My weight is 138.2 pounds. I cannot believe it. The heaviest weight I ever have. I have nobody to blame but myself. My right arm is broken. It is hard to move with regular basis. I used to work out regularly with my hula hoop and jumping rope until I hurt my arm.

 photo fefit_zpsjeizejsj.jpg
When I was active with my work out, the lowest weight I have is 127 pounds. I was so happy as my weight goal is 120 pounds. Now I need to work my tush so bad and get active again. I am very thankful that Fefit sent me this work out to try.

 photo fefit B_zpssbbd4wdd.jpg

What is inside your Fefit box? First I LOVED that it is pink. It is one of my favorite color. The Fefit user guide. Some welcome pretty postcards. Fefit stickers they are small but so cute. It is also comes with 8 work out DVDs. All the desk has little message on the top. You also need mat, dumbbells and pilates toning circle. I do not have a mat and the pilates toning circle but I do have the dumbbells. Remind me to buy the rest of the equipment need for my next work out.

 photo fefit D_zpsive1egmo.jpg
Oh my world! This work out is so intense. I am just started it today. I am amazed how this work out will make you sweat and feel better for yourself. The work out is easy to follow but it is challenging. I never sweat out this much with my work out before. I cannot wait to do it again. I am only in week 1. I cannot imagine the weeks forward for more routines.

 photo fefit E_zpsmyo3oybk.jpg
I have no doubt that in 90-days your fitness experience with Fefit is enjoyable and worth every pain and sore of your muscle. Now that I started working out with Fefit. Definitely I will continue doing it. I just wish that my right arm is getting 100% better.

 photo fefit G_zpsva1xkqhk.jpg

I highly recommend this work out to everybody who wants to feel motivated and feel fantastic of their body. What a perfect alternate to go to the gym. You can do this work out right in your home. For a price of $119.85, that you can click in Amazon. This work out is your best gift to yourself. Every sweat and pain is worth it.  Thank you fefit, you are indeed an inspiration to all women out there and especially like me.

 photo fefit H_zps2gepuurm.jpg
Why not try for yourself this work out? You will be proud of yourself and the determination of reaching your weight goal and stay fit again for your and your family.

 photo fefit I_zpschfwf7fp.jpg
By the way, you can learn more about Fefit in their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and You Tube for more updates, new products and tips on how to stay fit.

 photo fefit J_zpsr7f7vag3.jpg
 photo fefit K_zps7q4z0pip.jpg

I received the Fefit 90-day fitness experience DVD’s for free. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions re 100% honestly mine.

How to loss weight with SlimQuick Pure

It was 13 years ago when I first arrived in America. I only weighed 88 pounds. Now I weigh 132 pounds during my recent annual check-up from my doctor. I gained 44 pounds all together. Can you believe that?
My doctor advises me to start eating fewer carbohydrates. I omit that I am Asian so naturally carbohydrates will always be present in my food like rice. I cannot live without rice. I will do my best to lower my carbohydrates even though it’s not easy.

 photo SlimQuick protein_zpsxpdp9vzz.jpg

I also work out with my hula hoop and jumping rope. I want to trim my stomach fat. I try to eat healthy food and avoid fatty food if I can. I did lose weight but of course I gained it back quickly.
Determination is really the key to losing weight. I was one of lucky few that got to try SlimQuick protein powder. It has a French Vanilla flavor which tastes and smells so good. All you need is one scoop and 4 0z of water. I add ice with mine and use the blender and drink it after working out.

 photo SlimQuick protein B_zpsrxjwwun6.jpg

SlimQuick helps women lose the weight 3x. I just tried the protein supplement today and hope that I can lose a pound. It also come with a $5 coupon which helps you save money. The important ingredient of this protein supplement is biopure green tea. It also comes with natural ingredients like whey protein, antioxidants, calcium and natural flavors. SlimQuick Pure protein supplement also comes in Chocolate flavor. I LOVE chocolate and cannot wait to try the other flavor.
Wish me luck on my weightloss journey. How about you? Do you drink protein supplement to help you lose weight? Have you tried the SlimQuick Pure protein supplement yet?

 photo SlimQuick protein A_zpsxpequcfn.jpg

By the way, you can also check their updates and new products in their Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and You Tube. Check them out for healthy tips as well.

 photo SlimQuick protein C_zpscfkcsdzx.jpg

I received the SlimQuick Pure product for free from BrandBacker. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine.









Working out with Limm Jump Rope is so much fun

I work out at least four times a week. I work out with hula hoop and jumping rope. I am not trying to loss weight. I just want to have a firmer stomach if not trim a bit. I love my hula hoop. It gives my curve around my waist. Hula hoop really works for me. I also love to do jump rope. Doing jump rope is so much harder than hula hoop.

 photo jumping rope A_zpsqbos7cyb.jpg

I am very thankful that I found an amazing deal of this Limm Jump Rope that you can buy in Amazon. I love the color as well. It also comes with an e-book which guides to more exercises. The jumping rope is adjustable. My husband adjusted it for me. It is easy to use. I really loved my new jump rope. I am happy that finally I have a jump rope that is perfect for my height to use. Working out with jump rope is more challenging than hula hoop. Every sweat pays off. I love how it gives me a strong legs and tight bums. I know that you can achieve it too once you focus and stay determine with your work out routine. I highly recommend this jump rope to everybody. You should try it too.

 photo jumping rope_zps9run5lor.jpg

I got the jump rope from amazing deal of $1. I am not compensated. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine.

Trying the Zumba work out

I am a member of a health club in Facebook. Somebody mention about Zumba. I heard so much stuff about this work out from my  fellow Filipino girlfriends. They work out in the gym. I bought this Zumba at Target few months ago. I tried it once since I bought it. I work out more often with my hula hoop instead.

 photo Zumba_zpsls3acqnv.jpg

One day I put my DVD in the player and turn it on. I worked out for 20 minutes for the warm up. Darn! It kick my butt. Zumba is very tiring but it is worth when you sweat a lot. I really love this working out. I add it before my hula hoop.

 photo pink sweat pants_zpskwkexp0c.jpg

The steps are hard to follow at first but am used to it now. You can play it in English or Spanish. You can also pick which work out you want to try first. I love that is pink. It is perfect for Pink Friday. I also wear my pink Aeropostale sweatpants.

I hope to work out with Zumba more often, I still need to check out three DVD’s more. I have to take baby steps for now. I hope to trim some fats on my stomach which is my main concern. I do not want to lose weight. I am currently 126 pounds but would be fantastic to lose 6 pounds more to reach my goal.

Losing weight is easy with Slim Quick Pure gummies

Since my little girl broke my weigh scale, I do not know how much my weight now. My main goal is to achieve 120 pounds for this year. I hope that I can reach my goal before 2016 will take over. I am into diet. I want to lose weight by eating and working out. I missed doing my hula hoop. I know that I cannot get back to my body shape when I first came here in America. I just want to trim some fats on my tummy so I can wear my swimwear with proud knowing that I work hard for it.

 photo SlimQuickgummies_zps43dc7cfe.jpg

I am privilege that Slim Quick Pure sent me a sample of their gummies. The main ingredient is a bio pure green tea. The gummies are stimulant free. The gummies are made of mixed berries which are easy to chew. If you love fruit then it this is perfect for you, I know I love to eat fruits. It will help you lose 3X of your weight.

 photo slimquickpuregummiesA_zps3b42441f.jpg

Why will you take this Slim Quick Pure gummies? It  increases METABOLISM, Reduces APPETITE, Boosts ENERGY, Reduces Excess WATER, Supports HORMONES and Reduces STRESS.

I started taking this Slim Quick Pure gummies for two days now. You take two gummies after breakfast. You take the other two gummies after six hours. I really love taking this gummies. I cannot wait for the result.

You can also learn Slim Quick Pure gummies in their Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and You Tube.

You can buy the Slim Quick Pure gummies from stores nationwide like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS/Pharmacy RiteAide, KMart, Publix, SuperValu and Ahold.

I received the Slim Quick Pure gummies from USFamilyGuide. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine.

I finally lose a pound while working out

I am very happy that I am not 130 pounds anymore. I finally lose one pound. I know it is not a lot but I am very happy with it. Honestly, I am not focusing on loosing weight. I focus more on my stomach.

It takes a lot of determination and hard work to achieve any goals. I work out at least four or fives a time a week. I do hula hoop and jumping ropes. Hula hoop is the best thing I ever got as a blogger. Jumping ropes are very excruciating. I just need to continue working out.


I still need to trim my stomach with hula hoop

I still need to trim my stomach with hula hoop

It has been three months since I focus on working out. At 40 years old, working out is not easy especially I do it with my own. I definitely see a big difference in my body especially my stomach. It is getting firmer. The rolls on my back is almost gone which I am very excited. This is how my body looks after three months of determination and sweat.

How about you? Do you work out or goals in maintaining a healthy life?

Ozeri 4×3 motion Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer with Tri-Axis Technology the best gadget to monitor your work out

I never focus trimming my stomach until recently. I am back to working out at least four or five times a week. My focus is my stomach. I would love to trim some fats on my stomach. I do not intend to flatten it. I am happy of what my stomach looks like now. I also am happy with the waist that I have. Definitely seeing my curves back motivates me to do better.

 photo pedometer_zps23040853.jpg

There are times that I wonder if I could take a peek of how my work out progress is. I am very happy that Ozeri sent me this pedometer that you can exclusively buy at Amazon. I love this pedometer. It is very handy. It is very easy to use as well. It comes with a strap that you can put around your neck if you want. You can also put in your pocket. I use mine inside my bra. It keeps safe as I jump a lot with my jumping rope. My small girls keep it intact.

 photo pedometerA_zps2859743a.jpg

The pedometer is digital. It tracks your progress in every steps you make. You can also check how many miles you walk. It can track the minutes of your work out. It also shows how many calories you burn which I love the most. You can also delete your figures the next day to start new numbers.

 photo pedometerB_zpsdf593a11.jpg
 photo pedometerE_zps57a72553.jpg
 photo pedometerC_zpse8dcc5af.jpg
 photo pedometerD_zps8b721b81.jpg

I really love this pedometer so much from Ozeri. You can also check their Facebook to learn new products aside from the health. I highly recommend this product. Staying and keeping healthy is very easy with this pedometer.

I received the pedometer free. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might be different with other people.

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