How to enjoy taking care of your loved ones need with Groupon

DISCLOSURE:  This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I am so thankful that my kids were not little anymore. I have a teen-ager and a pre-teen. I remember those days when I used diapers. They are even expensive but if you want to save money Groupon Coupons will help you that. You can save buying expensive diapers from by using the coupons. I remember those days when my in-laws bring a big box of diapers on my first born. They indeed spoiled our first-born.

 photo my kids_zps842jkrqy.jpg
Now that they are bigger our needs are different. There are times that I want to spend time alone with my husband like a date. I missed those times when we have our lunch date. We also seldom watch movie together. He works different shift and working part-time. I need help from to watch my kids for few hours while my husband and I spend alone time together while the kids are being taken care of. Couples need time together for themselves to connect and spend quality time together especially when they are busy working.

 photo date night_zps72dtvhie.jpg
Even if you have babies, you need to spend time for yourself as well, Groupon can help you with that not only saving money but at the same time enjoy time with your husband or by yourself. You can also check out their Facebook page or Twitter if you have not liked or follow their pages. You do not want to miss out deals not only for health but anything else in between.


Keeping fit and healthy is easy with Groupon

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Summer is over for two months. I hope you did not gain any weight from eating those delicious summer foods like the meat on the grill.  They are easy to cook but so unhealthy. I loved the fresh fruits the most. My family was so active as well. We spent our time outside especially swimming in our pool. My kids were so tan during the summer.

 photo fitbit_zpsfwhibyd1.jpg
Sometimes my husband and I were both working during the days. We have to make sure that the kids have healthy food ready in the fridge once they get hungry. Luckily my kids were fit during the summer days.

I missed working out since I have worked. I missed my hula hoop the most but walking is my best work out especially during work. I lost count how many steps I made. One thing I wish is to have this watch that I found in Groupon Goods. It will help you track anything from heart rate the most.

Have you have a weight goal this year? I know it is not too late to start, right? Why not search the site for any fitness accessories and saves you money. You can also check their Facebook or Twitter for more social activities.

Received a post card reminder for my annual check up

I love to collect post card. This post card is different. I received a post card from my family doctor. It is a reminder that I need to make an appointment for my annual regular check up. I need to call their office and schedule for an appointment. I will do it next week.  

received a reminder post card for my annual check up

received a reminder post card for my annual check up

How about you? When is the last time you have an appointment with your family doctor? I love that they sent you a post card for reminder. It helps me a lot especially that I forget usually.

Tomorrow is my younger sister’s surgery

Growing up with my younger sister is not fun. She is my Mama’s favorite. She is a trouble maker. She always get what she wants. My Mama always blame me for her trouble. We are opposite. She is white and I am brown. Everybody thinks she is pretty. I am the ugly duckling. She has the looks. I am sure I have the brain. She got pregnant at a young age. I was so mad at her. Honestly, it makes me a man hater. I hate all the men. All they want is a woman’s body and when they got what they want, they left the women just like that. My younger sister got pregnant again twice. My parents still accept her. I know my Papa is not happy about it.

My younger sister is lucky that my eldest sister is around to help and her kids. They are very close. My sister got married. She now has six kids all together. She lives close to my eldest sister in Cebu. My younger sister’s husband used to work at the pier as a ship maintenance. Unfortunately, the company went down. He lost his job. He now rides a tricycle. My younger sister has a small store.

I saw my sister during my 2002 vacation in the Philippines. She flew together with my eldest sister and her grand kids. They celebrated my eldest sister’s grand kids birthdays. It was a memorable vacation. I ask somebody to take picture of the three of us with my Mama.

Mama and her girls, my younger sister is on the left

Few days ago, I got received a message from my niece in Facebook. She told me that my youngest sister needs a surgery.

a big tumor found in my younger sister's ovary
She has a big tumor in her ovary. It needs operation very soon. I panicked knowing that I am very far. I felt so lost. I called my eldest sister and she said she needs help for our younger sister. I am glad that my husband is willing to help even it is in small amount. I do not know how to pay my husband back.

Tomorrow my younger sister will have her surgery. I am asking all my friends to please include her in your prayers. I hope and pray that her surgery will go smoothly. I hope and pray also that the tumor is not malignant. I know that nothing is impossible with God.

I do not know what to do. I never stop crying. My eyes are very puffy now. I keep on praying to God that He will help my sister and guide the doctors during the surgery.

A blessing in disguise

I want to say thank you so much to Mommy M for giving me this journal. I owe a lot to you. This is my 13th journal. Do you believe in the saying that 13 is a lucky number? I do believe and hope that this 13th journal is a proof to that saying.

It took me awhile on what to name this journal. I even do not know what to write in this journal. I tackle writing about family, education, food or cooking, home improvement, travel, news, sports, fashion, pets, women, gadgets and general topic. What to write in this journal? Finally decided to write about health in this journal.

I will write about health or any health issues that this family will goes through. I hope to find tips on how to stay healthy and most of all help my little girl. I hope that through this journal, she will free of any allergies. It is not easy taking care of this little girl’s health especially dealing with her peanut, dairy and dog allergies.

I want to welcome everybody to my 13th journal. I hope that you stick through as I go along updating this journal.

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