No cavity for this Mama

Though I hate going to the dentist every four months, I have no choice but to go. Having a beautiful teeth is not only important but healthy gums as well. Four days ago, I had my dentist appointment at four in the afternoon. It took them 13 minutes at least before they call my name. I am so thankful that  I brought my Nook with so I can read a book while waiting.

As always, I get scared the moment I sit on that examination chair. My nerves took awhile to calm down. After taking a deep breath which takes at least five minutes, then am fine. I also had an X-Ray done. I hate chewing that thing where they took your X-ray. It is so big and hurt my mouth. I have no choice because it does not take longer.

Overall, I am happy that this Mama has no cavity. I just need to take extra effort to clean my upper left gums. I know it is hard to reach. How about you? Did you went to the dentist recently?

My son’s braces

It has been few months since my son had his braces. At first he does not like the idea of getting braces. He has no choice as his teeth is not straight. He has over bite as well just like his Grandma. We have to grab the opportunity while his Daddy has a dental insurance for now. He will retire in few years and we will lose the dental insurance.

 photo braces_zpsaxdqcqa6.jpg

My son visit the dentist every month to adjust his braces. Sometimes it takes shorter and sometimes his appointment takes longer. This is his recent photo while having a new haircut. Does he look adorable? He grew up too fast.

Our rat terrier eat my son’s mouth guard

My son is in the process of having his braces done. He needs to align his back teeth before he will have his braces. He also uses mouth guard to keep his teeth align. The hygienist advise to keep his mouth guard safe and keep it safe if he is not using it. She said the animal will eat the mouth guard. Today, his younger sister gave me a little piece of his mouth guard. Molly, our rat terrier, eat his mouth guard.

I already called the dentist. I hope that they have his model for his mouth guard. I have not tell my husband yet. I am sure he will freak out. This son of mine is in big trouble. He is very clumsy. I hope that the dentist can have his mouth guard back.

My son is on the way to have braces

I know he hates the word braces. He does not want to have braces. Unfortunately he has no choice but to have braces.

He had his first appointment last week. Next appointment is on the 30th. We got there five minutes before our appointment. He called his name 30 minutes after. I wish they told us that our appointment is at 1:30 instead. It took forever.

He needs to have an X-ray and of course it does not work. I am sure my son is pissed. He was by himself. I did not go with him inside. We also need to pay $1,300 by our next appointment. The rest is covered by our insurance.

Have your kids had any braces as well?

My son needs braces very soon

He has his regular check month dentist appointment two days ago. He is lazy to brush his teeth despite how many times we told him to do it. He has also many plaque on his teeth. I did not come with him inside the clinic but waited in the waiting room. Her little sister went with her instead.

The hygienists showed me why he needed braces very soon. His adult teeth is not growing properly but instead growing in a different way. He needs braces to fix his two front teeth. I know that we talked about getting him braces during his last six month dentist appointment. I guess this time my son really needs braces. He has no choice but to get them before his teeth goes bad like his Mom.

He is scheduled the net day when he goes to 7th grade. I do not know if it is a consultation. I know that it will take a couple of appointments before he will get his new braces. We talked about it during dinner and he is good with having braces to keep his teeth straighten up.

How about you? Do any of you or your kids had braces before?

My little K’s dental appointment

My little K had her six (6) months dental appointment last Thursday. The appointment is in the afternoon. We waited at least 30 minutes before her name was called. It took forever and drives me crazy.

at the playing room while waiting for her name to be called

She just play in the play room while I was reading my e-book in my Nook. The play room is really beautiful. The walls are decorated with a jungle theme. You can find safari animals and rain forest view as well. It will take the kids take their mind while waiting. It is also surrounded with chairs. There is this big toy that the kids can play as well.

goodies from her dental hygienists /center>
There is also a computer if you want to use the internet while waiting for your name to be called. I did not use it. I rather read my e-books thank using the computer.
Overall, the little K’s dental appointment went good except she has to go book another week for a tooth to seal to protect from getting any cavity. I will let you update that on my next post or so.

These are the goodies she got from her hygienists. The little K got a an Oral-B toothbrush, Kid’s Crest toothpaste and a Glide dental floss. I always like the goodies after I have my dental cleaning or appointment as well.

My husband is addicted to Halls cough drops candy

Either he works or goes somewhere; he has to bring Halls cough drops candy with him. He only eats the sugar-free candies. These candies are great for sore throat. It is great for your breathe as well. I usually grab few candies if I go somewhere too. My husband said that he is addicted to this candy.

Halls cough drop candy
Sometimes I wonder if chewing this candy gives him cavities. He usually has cavities every time when he had his dentist appointment. The candies are really soothing to chew too. It comes with different flavor. I usually buy each flavor if I remember it while shopping at Wal-Mart. They are affordable as well. Sometimes I buy the big bag of this candy.

How about you? Do you like to chew candies? What is your favorite candy to chew?

How my dentist appointment did went

Honestly I hate going to the dentist. It is uncomfortable for me but I have no choice but to go. I always visit my dentist every four months. You probably visit your dentist every six months or twice a year, right? I have to go three times a year. I am happy that we have a dental insurance to cover all the dentist appointment for me and my family.

dentist goodies

I had my dentist appointment two days ago. I arrived at the dentist office on time. It is not far from where we live. It will take me to drive between five to seven minutes. I am reading a book on my Nook while waiting for my name to be called. It took them awhile. I think I waited for at least ten minutes. I am glad that I occupy myself by reading a book.

dentist goodies

My hygienist told me that I will have an x ray done that day. I got up and walk across the room. I stand in a machine, bite something and the machine took my X-ray by rotating. I had a X-ray protector with me. It scares me while the machine is rotating doing my X-ray. The result came right away. I am glad that my x ray is great. Everything is fine.

I had my teeth cleaned. I am glad that I do not have any cavities. My hygienist gave me some goody bag to bring. Inside the goody bag is a free Oral B toothbrush, Crest toothpaste and Glide, dental floss. The back of the goody bag is some coupons that I could use when my supplies are gone.

My root canal experienced

I had my root canal appointment at 11 this morning. I arrived seven minutes early. I checked in the receptionist and she asks for my medical insurance. She wants to make a copy of it. She told me to wait after she returned my medical insurance card. I sit on the swivel and use their computer. Unfortunately, there is no internet connection. I just grabbed the People magazine and read about Tiger Woods, the famous golfer and Lindsay Vonn, the famous skier. They both famous athletes and was surprise to read that they are dating.

My name is called and the hygienic said that I will go to room number #13. She told me that I will have a root canal today. She asks me too if I have any question. The dentist came and he told me that root canal is just like a tooth feeling but takes longer. The hygienic then prepared all the stuff she needs for my root canal. The dentist then numb my gums on the upper left. I felt numbed after few seconds. The hygienic then said that I have to move to other room as it has more space.

The root canal took an hour and few minutes. I did not feel anything. Everything went fine. I did have an X-ray for three times. I got a temporary cover on my tooth to protect the food from getting inside. I saw the X-ray on the left tooth. I have to go back in a week. I paid $130 and our dental insurance will cover the rest.

I am very thankful to GOD for making my root canal experienced smoothly. I knew that I do not like to go to the dentist. How about you? Have you done a root canal before?

Freebies from the dental clinic

I am glad that the little girl’s dentist appointment went well two days ago. She has no cavity which is great. The hygienic said that her teeth are growing normally. The molars are coming out too. The hygienic said that it needs a sealant to protect the molars on top of them. The dental clinic will send that proposal to our dental insurance. We will see how much they will cover and how much co-pay we will have.

 photo freebiesfromthedentist.jpg

She received freebies after her dentist appointment. She got free toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and stickers.

 photo freebiesfromthedentistB.jpg
There are also coupons on the back of the bag. She was very happy about it. These are her rewards for being such a good girl at the dentist.

 photo freebiesfromthedentistA.jpg
She also have her next dentist appointment ready in about six months. Keep on brushing little girl and keep those teeth healthy and free of cavities.

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