New scrubs uniform

My Filipino co-worker suggested that I will check out the Burlington Coat Factory for scrubs. She said their scrubs are cheaper. I drove to the Fashion Outlet Mall in Niagara Falls to check the store out. The prices are indeed cheaper. They do not have much selections of scrubs. Yet, I  bought some.

Our work reimbursed $50 for the uniform every six months. The first day of August is my 18 months. It is about time to buy new scrub uniforms. The total reach $50 so I am going to bring the receipt so I can get back $50 on the coming paycheck.

My new scrubs uniform at work

I have been working for this health care facility for 13 months. Time flies indeed when you are having fun. Though being a housekeeper sometimes is hard but the best part is when am making the residents smile or laugh when we talk while am cleaning their rooms. Though sometimes I work more than being a housekeeper.

 photo pink scrub_zpsaj373jwi.jpg
Anyway, we have rules at work that you can buy new uniforms for every six months. The company will reimbursed your uniform for $50 while you give them the receipt. You have a choice of adding the amount to your recent pay check or whenever you want.

 photo pink scrub A_zpsbr9oe1zg.jpg
These scrubs are my 4th sets. Every Friday is casual day. You can wear anything you want while you look decent. I bought two sets, gray and pink colors. I just wish that I fit it first before buying them. I am normally wear a size M but these sets are kinda big. Next time I need to wear them first to the fitting room before buying.

I wear my pink scrub last Friday. I was mad at work as I am assigned to the other wing which I do not like because I know the housekeeper that assigned in that wing is a slob. All she does is walking around and take so much break instead of cleaning. The wing is so stinky and dirty too. Anyway, in about five and half hours, I cleaned the entire room with just one 15 minutes break. I went home so tired, my left shoulder hurts and my left calves. I am still happy knowing that I meet new residents and made them smile and entertained.

My pink scrub is perfect for Pink Friday.

My work uniform

I cannot believe that I am working with this health care facility for two months now. One more month and I am out of probation. I hope that I do my job well and that they are happy with my performance as a housekeeper.

My blue scrub work uniform

My blue scrub work uniform

As a housekeeper, our uniform is blue and it needs to be scrub. The company also offers $50 refund for your work uniform if the amount of your purchases total to $50. Since I love to wear set, I bought these scrub top and bottom. The set cost more than $50. I want to wear work uniform that is durable as I am using it several times a week. You can also buy a new uniform after six months and they will refund you the $50 back. I still have three more months to be working six months from this health care facility.

I really LOVED this job. Though the work is physical but I do not mind it. I LOVE that I can walk which  gives me exercise. I lose three pounds already since I started working in this health care facility. My favorite part is talking to the residents. My new best friend is 95 years old. I also LOVED that it only take me at least six minutes to drive from home to work.

My son’s 12th year regular doctor’s visit

I was surprised with my son’s last doctor visit yesterday. I thought that he will only have his medicine check-up. We both were wrong.

We both surprised when there is a gown on top of the bench. Since I gave birth to my son, I always go with him with his doctor’s check-up. Yesterday, he asked me and his baby sister if we could go outside while he change his clothes and put the gown. He will also have his regular check-up. I guess I did not see that coming that he is really growing up so big now. One more year and he will become a teen-ager. I missed my baby. He is growing up too fast.

On the other hand, everything went well. He is one inch shy of being five foot. He weighs 98 pounds. He has a perfect vision. I know last year his pediatrician taught that he night need glasses. Good thing this time his eye sight is perfect.

Dr. S also thought that the medicine he is taking is helping him focus in school. He has good grades though not on the top.  I am so proud of this premature baby of mine who grow up to be just fine.

He also had a flu spray on his nose. It is better to get protection from the chilly weather here in New York.

My summer babe’s well visit at her pediatrician

She is way overdue for her well visit at her pediatrician for two months. I am glad that her Daddy scheduled her appointment. I waited for her at the driveway when her bus stopped. We need to go right away as her appointment is at four in the afternoon. She has no time to change or do anything. I do no want her to be late for her appointment.


While waiting for her pediatrician

While waiting for her pediatrician


We did not wait for too long when her name was called. She was weigh and measured. I am happy that despite being skinny, she weighs 71 pounds. She has a normal blood pressure. She need to change her regular clothes to a gown. Everything looks normal and perfect for my summer babe. She just needs to moisturize as her skin is so dry. I keep telling her that especially after swimming in the pool. She is one hard-headed girl of mine. I wonder where did she get that.

We brought records for her to bring to school if the nurse needs it. She has to come back next year. I am just happy that my girl is skinny, solid and very healthy.


Trying the Zumba work out

I am a member of a health club in Facebook. Somebody mention about Zumba. I heard so much stuff about this work out from my  fellow Filipino girlfriends. They work out in the gym. I bought this Zumba at Target few months ago. I tried it once since I bought it. I work out more often with my hula hoop instead.

 photo Zumba_zpsls3acqnv.jpg

One day I put my DVD in the player and turn it on. I worked out for 20 minutes for the warm up. Darn! It kick my butt. Zumba is very tiring but it is worth when you sweat a lot. I really love this working out. I add it before my hula hoop.

 photo pink sweat pants_zpskwkexp0c.jpg

The steps are hard to follow at first but am used to it now. You can play it in English or Spanish. You can also pick which work out you want to try first. I love that is pink. It is perfect for Pink Friday. I also wear my pink Aeropostale sweatpants.

I hope to work out with Zumba more often, I still need to check out three DVD’s more. I have to take baby steps for now. I hope to trim some fats on my stomach which is my main concern. I do not want to lose weight. I am currently 126 pounds but would be fantastic to lose 6 pounds more to reach my goal.

I love my tank top and yoga towel from Aurorae

I never really into yoga formally. I do yoga in my Wii and sometimes with my little K. I do love to work out. I hope that I am consistent in working out. Unfortunately, I am not and am lazy working out. Once I start to work out, then I keep going.

 photo logo.png
I focus my working out in my stomach. This is my mainly concern for a long time. I do the “Dance Abs” work out. It is a DVD that I can play and work out for at least 30 minutes. I also like to do the hula hoop or jumping jack.

 photo auroraetanktop.jpg The best part of working out is wearing the most comfortable tank top that I received from Aurorae. It is a black tank top.

 photo auroraetop.jpg
It is the softest tank top I ever wear. I could wear it the entire day. I love that it is black color which is one of my favorite.

 photo auroraetopA.jpg
I also received the micro fiber sport/yoga towel. I love that it is purple which is perfectly match in our bathroom. It is relaxing when you sweat from working out. You have the softest towel ready for you to refresh. I can use this towel too after a swim in the pool or in the shower.

 photo auroraetowel.jpg
How about you? Do you like to do yoga? Are you looking for the softest yoga outfit for your working out? Aurorae offers yoga mats in illuminating colors, a focal point icon and extra long in length. Aurorae offer the best reviewed yoga mats, accessories & props online. You can browse their yoga mats, yoga bags, yoga accessories and yoga props here.

You can also find them in Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Please do not forget to check out their social medias for updates and promotion. Please wish me luck with my working out. I better start working out and prepare my tank top and towel.

I received the products for free but am not compensated. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might differ from others.

Working out is inspiring with Zaggora hot pants

I missed the old days when I just weigh 88 pounds. This was 11 years ago. I now weigh between 120-130 pounds. It is a big difference, right? I stand at 5’4” in height and my weight really makes me mad at myself. I still look skinny but my muffin top is a big hindrance to myself. I do not blame anybody else but myself. Eating and drinking pop makes my muffin top big.

I have work out during the first month of this year for a couple of weeks. I stop and that is the  end of my work out. Can you relate too? I know I have the determination to stay healthy but once I stop I get stuck with my laziness. Thankfully the laziness stop and finally decided to start working out again. This time working out is so much easier and a lot fun. I can work out outside when the weather permits.

 photo ZaggorapantsA.jpg

I am thankful to Zaggora for sending me one of their coolest Capri hot pants ever. I received the black Capri hot pants in size medium. The size fits very well. In fact I was running around the pond and do jumping jack a while ago. It feels great to work out with comfortable Capri pants that help you perspire a lot. I have not wear anything like this cool. I used it my capri pants  when I work out for few days now. I feel comfortable running. I noticed that I lose some pounds on my legs. I felt a big difference since I used this capri pants with my work out. I love how the noise I make every time I walk wearing this capri hot pants. I could wear it the entire day and burn some calories. What I like is? When you take off the capri pants my legs are moist and I know that the capri pants help me burn many calories. I cannot wait to lose some pounds working out with this capri pants.

 photo zaggorapantsB.jpg

How about you? Have you tried one of their products? You will miss big time if you have not. They also have pants, tank, blazers aside from capri pants that will help you burn calories. You can also check out their Facebook page for more products.

I highly recommend their products and cannot wait to lose more pounds and stay fit and healthy for myself and for my kids.

I received this product for free but I am not compensated to write. All the thought and opinions are 100% mine and may different from others.

My kids laundry soap that I use

My kids have very sensitive skin. They have severe eczema that I am very much careful on what kind of laundry soap  to use when I wash their clothes. I have to separate their clothes with our clothes as well.


I have washed their clothes separately with special soap when they were babies. I used the other brand when they were babies.

This time I use “ALL” laundry soap. It is perfect for their very sensitive skin. The liquid is very clear too. There is no perfume, dye or any smell on the laundry soap. The dermatologists and allergies recommends this laundry soap which I am very thankful. This laundry soap cost more but for my kids health and their skin price is a not a reason.

What about you? What kind of laundry soap you use with you do your kids laundry? I am linking this entry to Wednesday Whites.

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