How to keep your guitar safe

Just like our body, we need our musical instrument safe as well. For instance, if you have a guitar, you need the stratocaster pickguard to keep your guitar safe from any scratch while not playing. Just like our body,we need to rest, exercise, eat vegetables and meat to keep our body in great shape. We cannot keep our musical instrument when you are exhausted and cannot play when you do not have the energy to strum it. By buying this accessory, it is the best way to keep it safe while not playing it.

My work uniform

I cannot believe that I am working with this health care facility for two months now. One more month and I am out of probation. I hope that I do my job well and that they are happy with my performance as a housekeeper.

My blue scrub work uniform

My blue scrub work uniform

As a housekeeper, our uniform is blue and it needs to be scrub. The company also offers $50 refund for your work uniform if the amount of your purchases total to $50. Since I love to wear set, I bought these scrub top and bottom. The set cost more than $50. I want to wear work uniform that is durable as I am using it several times a week. You can also buy a new uniform after six months and they will refund you the $50 back. I still have three more months to be working six months from this health care facility.

I really LOVED this job. Though the work is physical but I do not mind it. I LOVE that I can walk which  gives me exercise. I lose three pounds already since I started working in this health care facility. My favorite part is talking to the residents. My new best friend is 95 years old. I also LOVED that it only take me at least six minutes to drive from home to work.

Are you looking for new keyboard

There are times when we are sick or not feeling well we are looking for something to makes us feel better. There are times playing music is a remedy to keep us alive. I know that I do that when I am sick. I could listen to music or sing. How about you? Are you looking for the latest keyboard for your guitar? If you are a musician, playing music is your best way to be in track. Health is very important not only for musician but for everybody. You cannot please your crowd when you are too sick to play. Maybe by browsing to this Website will help you feel better and soon you are ready to perform.

How to track your weight easily with Ozeri weigh scale

We used to have a weigh scale, unfortunately my kids broke it accidentally. My family likes to weigh ourselves and check if we loss or gain weight. I am so happy that I got this weigh scale from Ozeri. You can buy it here exclusively in Amazon. It cost $19.95 which is affordable.

 photo Ozeri weigh scale_zpsc1hy051m.jpg

My kids are growing especially my son. As a teen-ager, his grow spurt is unbelievably amazing. He wants to know how much he weigh. Thankfully with Ozeri weigh scale, we do not need to guess how much he weighs now.

This is the best weigh scale we had since the last one. It is the easiest way to track your weight.

 photo Oeri weigh scale A_zpsqygiiu6g.jpg

I LOVED this weigh scale from Ozeri. It is the easiest way to track your weight if you loss or gain. You can even personalized it with your height. You can change the settings from pounds to kilos. The weigh scale can weigh up to 400 pounds which is powerful for to hold a weight for this weigh scale. I think that is amazing, right?It is easy to put away. It is flat and does not take spaces to put it in a safe place. My family LOVES to know especially my kids how much they weigh.

 photo Ozeri weigh scale B_zpsxlmiidqj.jpg

I LOVED that it shows if you loss or gain weight since your last weighing. I also LOVE that is shows your BMI. I think that is pretty cool.

By the way, I loss three pounds the last time I weigh my self. I am so happy.


I received the product free in exchange of my honest review.

How to keep your bass balance

When I am not feeling well, sometimes putting a CD will help me relax and put me to sleep. I love listening to music though I do not play any musical instruments. I heard of a bass but have no clue what it is. While looking at the video, this musicians friend bass amp really sounds so cool. I really loved listening to it.

If you are looking to improve your performance, this accessory is a must for you to have. While in the website, look around and learn more musical products or accessories to help you improve with your musical skill.

Our rat terrier eat my son’s mouth guard

My son is in the process of having his braces done. He needs to align his back teeth before he will have his braces. He also uses mouth guard to keep his teeth align. The hygienist advise to keep his mouth guard safe and keep it safe if he is not using it. She said the animal will eat the mouth guard. Today, his younger sister gave me a little piece of his mouth guard. Molly, our rat terrier, eat his mouth guard.

I already called the dentist. I hope that they have his model for his mouth guard. I have not tell my husband yet. I am sure he will freak out. This son of mine is in big trouble. He is very clumsy. I hope that the dentist can have his mouth guard back.

Why not give jewelry for the holiday

I know that most women love jewelry especially during special occasions like birthday or holiday. Jewelry is I think the best gift to give during the holiday. Christmas is here soon. Why not check out stackable expressions from They have many choices and styles to choose from. All the jewelry that your sweetheart want is right there. You have to make sure you know her size, her style and especially colors that she loved the most.

Jewelry also will warm your sweetheart especially if she was sick or battling with a disease. I am sure that jewelry from this Website will cheer her up and makes her even more special. You could pick from rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and everything. You can also check their clearance to help you save some money.

My son is on the way to have braces

I know he hates the word braces. He does not want to have braces. Unfortunately he has no choice but to have braces.

He had his first appointment last week. Next appointment is on the 30th. We got there five minutes before our appointment. He called his name 30 minutes after. I wish they told us that our appointment is at 1:30 instead. It took forever.

He needs to have an X-ray and of course it does not work. I am sure my son is pissed. He was by himself. I did not go with him inside. We also need to pay $1,300 by our next appointment. The rest is covered by our insurance.

Have your kids had any braces as well?

My first Bulu Box subscription

I LOVED what is inside my Bulu Box subscription. I cannot wait for my second box next month. The items inside my box are all healthy and cannot wait to try any of them. What is inside my Bulu Box. You have to help me find out too.

 photo Bulu Box_zpsplakmtqj.jpg
Bulu Box comes in a beautiful red box which happens to my favorite color. It is wrapped with orange tissue paper. There are cards and coupons for you to read and learn more about the health information of each items inside the box.

 photo Bulu box A_zpsr2ifq5yi.jpg

There is one POCKET PROTEIN 2 fl oz. It is in strawberry flavor which is caffeine, gluten and lactose free. It is specifically formulated  for women. It helps protein boosts performance. It has 15 grams  of protein which is the highest protein available.

 photo Bulu box B_zpsuhhyeu00.jpg/center>
There is one HEMP PRO 70 15 grams which comes from MANITOBA HEMP FOODS HARVEST. It is in vanilla flavor. This is perfect to mix in your smoothie.

 photo Bulu box D_zpstgd3mu87.jpg
Exfoliating soap bar from DERMIS 8 in carrot flavor. It helps even skin tone, removes dead skin cells and brightens skin for youthful glow. I cannot wait to use this soap.

 photo Bulu box E_zpskc2zbdl4.jpg
Sport Beans energizing jelly beans in .35 oz. It helps get back the quick energy after sports performance. It has carbs, electrolytes and vitamins B & C. It is perfect for any athletes.

 photo Bulu box C_zpskannbf36.jpg/center>
Zamboost immune support supplement. There are three capsules inside. It gives your body a fighting chance to promotes healthy immune function. Ingredients supported by research from leading U>S> Universities. It contains the powerful antioxidant Vitamin C and other vitamins and extracts. It also contains with natural lactoferrin and beta glucan + Vitamin C. It is also lactose free.

 photo Bulu box F_zpsh9jua7no.jpg
There are also two samples of Tiger Balm. It works where it hurts.

I missed working out. The items inside my box reminds me to go back to work out and stay healthy.

How about you? Are you subscribed to any healthy box subscription? Why not subscribed to Bulu Box? It is the best gift you can buy for yourself and stay fit and healthy.

For more information about Bulu Box, you can check their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and You Tube.


I received this products from being a member of USFamilyGuide. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine.

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